I'm a Los Angeles-based writer-for-hire and video host who covers music with a focus on festivals and the counterculture.

Though born and raised in Salinas, California, I am a first generation American whose first language was German. My father immigrated from Munich and was a symphony conductor, instructor, illustrator, educator, author, and race car driver. My mother, a Filipino immigrant, is a former concert pianist and music teacher—music was an ever-present force in our household.

I am trained in piano, guitar, singing, painting, drawing, writing and classical ballet as my parents wanted me to be a Renaissance woman. We even had our own printing press where I learned how to layout designs, collate, operate printing machinery and bind books at a young age. Because of my heritage, I have been traveling since I was two-years-old, visiting family in Europe and the Philippines. As a music festival journalist, I have covered events all over the United States as well as in Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Jamaica, Barbados and Mexico.

My work explores the rich diversity that pulses just beneath the surface of the mainstream music world—from its sounds to its eclectic community. I have years of experience interviewing artists, musicians, activists, festival producers and sound engineers. If I'm not festival-chasing or meeting deadlines, you may find me cooking, reading, traveling, hiking, climbing or camping deep in the wilderness.